Wellengood’s experience in opening hotels allows for a clear vision and focus on the critical tasks that determine the success of your hotel.

The seeds for a successful hotel launch are sewn during the pre-opening phase, when competitive market data, branding decisions and operating standards are synthesized into a solid business and staffing plan geared towards the grand opening. Staffing, Systems and OS&E installation planning occur early and are coordinated with development efforts so that the building is ready and systems are in place for staff hiring and training.

During this phase we help you to plan and execute the hotel opening:

  • Launch planning and scheduling
  • Project management
  • Sales & Marketing planning
  • Business & accounting system set-up
  • Service standards establishment
  • Staff selection and training support
  • Policy & Procedures development
  • Quality & Guest Satisfaction program implementation
  • Systems implementation
  • OS&E procurement & installation